With a background as seasoned television producers – with over 20 national Emmys between them – the team at BDF is at the forefront of transforming VR into a rich nonfiction storytelling platform. In addition to their award-winning work for National Geographic, BDF produces and develops VR content strategies for other networks, major consumer brands, museums and NGOs. 


Max Salomon


Max is a multiple Emmy award-winning executive producer, writer and director of high-profile non-fiction programming. A leading pioneer in VR content creation and development, Max has directed and produced over 40 VR films with a total audience of over 250 million viewers. He developed and executed the launch pipeline for National Geographic VR and VR their content partnerships with HuluVR and Facebook, resulting in some of the highest rated VR content across both platforms.

His 3-part VR series THE LONG ROAD HOME: MEMORIES OF WAR, which takes viewers inside the fractured PTSD-laced dreams of three Iraq war veterans, recently won BEST DOCUMENTARY at VRFEST.

Prior to Black Dot Films, Max piloted National Geographic’s flagship documentary strand, EXPLORER, overseeing over 70 hours of programming. He also created the pilot for NGC’s long-running hit series BORDER WARS and has directed, written and produced high-end “global event” specials for NGC and Discovery.


Malvina Martin


Malvina is a senior executive producer, with a passion for creating smart, cutting-edge programming for a wide range of audiences. Her track record of success is rooted in understanding the target demographic of the brands she works with.

At Black Dot Films she created the award-winning VR pipeline for National Geographic Magazine. She also developed, produced and directed the highly successful launch of Facebook’s 360 LIVE platform - the first ever LIVE VR broadcast. Streamed via satellite uplink from a remote location totally off-the- grid... to millions of viewers, the groundbreaking broadcast featured Neal deGrasse Tyson as a team of scientists emerged from 90 days of total isolation at a remote research pod in a Mars-like desert. A massive technological undertaking, the hour-long broadcast pushed VR tech to new levels, required an army of over 30 technicians and 2 satellite trucks. 

As a co-founder of Black Dot Films, Malvina is at the forefront of transforming VR from just a “cool new tech” into a rich non-fiction storytelling platform that puts the audience at the heart of larger than life stories they capture.

Prior to Black Dot Films, Malvina was Senior VP of Story Development at National Geographic,overseeing over 150 specials and the development pipeline of NGC’s Emmy award-winning series EXPLORER.