Max Salomon


Max is a multiple Emmy award-winning executive producer, writer and director of documentaries & non- fiction programming. He earned a reputation as a highly visual and inventive storyteller, across a wide variety of genres: from reality-series and gritty investigative work, to fresh and imaginative approaches to Science, History, Archeology and Technology.

Max is a leading pioneer in VR content creation and development. He’s currently executing a series of over 30 films for National Geographic and is a key consultant to NGP in developing the launch pipeline for NGVR. He’s also developing similar projects with, Discovery Networks and A&E. In addition Max is serving as creative director for a VR series of commercial and advertising projects for large international consumer brands.

A sought-after strategic consultant in new media, he’s given talks on the future of television, advertising, digital media and VR to a wide variety of audiences, including the annual gathering of fortune 500 CEOs and corporate directors.


Malvina Martin


Malvina is a senior executive producer, writer and seasoned storyteller with a passion for creating smart, innovative programming that engages with the audience. At National Geographic Television she spearheaded development for the flagship series Explorer, generating stories from redwoods to mummies to death row. During her tenure the series was nominated for eighteen national Emmys, receiving four, including Outstanding Investigative Journalism for Gorilla Murders.

She also developed successful science programming for PBS including Ice Age Deathtrap, King Solomon’s Mines, Machu Picchu Decoded, Venom, and Extreme Cave Diving. In addition to her development work she has produced, directed and written a wide range of specials and series on topics from test pilots to solar science to railways, and her work has been seen on National Geographic Channel, PBS and Discovery Channel.